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Why You Matter

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Become a Member of St. Timothy

At St. Timothy Lutheran Church we invite you to become more than just another mere statistic in an old church book. Membership is far more than “having your name on the books.” To be a member is to become actively involved in the many different opportunities that we offer for Christian worship, growth and service. So the first thing we invite everyone who is interested in “membership” to do is to come and get involved! Come and worship with us! Check out the different opportunities for your on-going Christian education: 3-D, PALs, Adult Sunday School, and more! Come Grow With Us! Become involved in one or more of our many opportunities for Christian service through special work groups, mission groups, committee work, etc. Come Serve With Us!

We offer a “New Members Class” several times a year for all those wishing to learn more about the Christian faith and what we as Lutheran Christians believe and teach. All those desiring to become members of St. Timothy Lutheran (either through transferring their membership from another Lutheran congregation or through Affirmation of Faith or Holy Baptism) are invited to participate in this class. The class is always great fun with wonderful discussions and opportunities to meet and get to know one another. Often present members will participate as well, just for the fun and a chance to “get back to the basics.” Classes normally last several weeks and are held on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. You may contact the pastor or the church office if you have any questions. Class discussions focus on the “Seven Marks of Discipleship” and the Sacraments of Holy Baptism and The Lord's Supper.

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Join One of Our Small Groups

We believe that God loves you so much that He has given His very life for you. In Jesus Christ, God Himself has come in the flesh to die for all your sins. We exist to proclaim the saving love of Jesus Christ in this His church, community and world.

We of St. Timothy invite you into a life-long journey with Jesus, which we know leads to a changed life and a new community. We have experienced this new life in Christ most powerfully in the blessings of the small group ministries through Christian fellowship, Bible studies, and service projects. As Christians, we are not a group of perfect people. We are sinners who have experienced the saving power of Jesus' love. Daily, He is at work in our lives to change, transform, forgive and renew us. We invite you to “Come Grow With Us,” and join one of our Small Group Ministry programs!

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Special Prayer Requests

The members of St. Timothy Lutheran have made a commitment to a strong and vibrant prayer ministry. Our T.O.L.I.P. (Taking Others To the Lord In Prayer) prayer chain group actively pray for those in need.

The T.O.L.I.P. group provides prayer support to those with special needs or concerns. We invite you to join our prayer chain ministry and become a member of T.O.L.I.P.! There are no meetings to attend; just make one or two phone calls and pray! Do you have questions about this ministry? Please use the request form on the "How To Reach Us" page.

Prayer requests for members or non-members may be sent using the form below. Your prayer requests will be lifted up in prayer for one month and all information is kept strictly confidential. We do not need specific details of your concerns in order to pray for you.

God answers prayer. Please consider returning to this site to share a word of thanks to God for answered prayer.

Prayer Request

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   Enter your prayer request below

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