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Frequently Asked Questions


Does St. Timothy Evangelical Lutheran Church offer child care during the morning worship service?
Yes, the nursery for newborn and young children is staffed from 10:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

How large is St. Timothy Evangelical Lutheran Church?
Our church community currently consists of approximately 225 members.

What “branch” of the Lutheran Church does St. Timothy Evangelical Lutheran Church belong?
St. Timothy Lutheran is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), which has approximately 11,000 member churches and over 5,000,000 baptized members. St. Timothy Lutheran is also a member of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod of the ELCA.

I'm not Lutheran. Can I attend services here?
Of course! We welcome anyone who seeks to know Christ… and to make Christ known. We have an exciting member program if you are thinking of joining, but you are welcome to worship with us regardless of your current or past status.

Can I attend the church regularly but not join?
Absolutely! We welcome the opportunity to provide ministry to all who seek to know God's truth.

What is the appropriate “dress” for worship services?
There is simply no rule or expectation here. Some feel more comfortable in suits, others in casual attire; it’s just not an issue.

Do you have special music?
We provide a variety of musical content and styles depending on the service style, liturgy and season. We have an extremely talented musical director who can reveal the full spiritual depth of traditional musical forms on our organ, while also providing modern, interpretive compositions using a variety of musical instruments for our services. We also have a praise band, Glorious Day, that leads worship on the second Sunday of each month.

How does someone join the church?
We offer special “New Member” classes several times a year for all those desiring to learn more about the Christian faith and what we as Lutheran Christians believe and teach. All those wishing to become members of St. Timothy Evangelical Lutheran (either through transferring their membership from another Lutheran congregation or through Affirmation of Faith or Holy Baptism) are invited to participate in this class. The class is always interesting with wonderful discussions and opportunities to meet and get to know one another. Class normally last for a period of four (4) weeks. You may contact the pastor if you have further questions.

Is the church available for Baptisms and weddings?
We would love to talk to you about these services! Please call the church office for details.

Where are you located?
St. Timothy Evangelical Lutheran Church is located at the corner of Ott and Walnut Streets, approximately one block south of Hamilton Street near Muhlenberg Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Click here for more detailed information.

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